Sunday, December 05, 2004

Archbishop Theodore of Borisova and Otradnaya Visits the Communities of the Krasnodar and Stavropol Regions

(Vertograd, Otradnaya - Armavir - Zheleznovodsk - Belorechensk - Suzdal)

Early in the morning on November 3, Right Reverend Archbishop Theodore of Borisova and Otradnaya arrived in Armavir. The hierarch was met at the station by Archpriest Nikolai Khirniy, Dean of Ortradnaya region, who was waiting for Vladika Theodore to arrive at the cossack village of Otradnaya.

In the evening, Archbishop Theodore completed The All-Night Vigil in the 'Kazan' temple of Otradnaya. Vladika was met by the rector and parishioners of the Church with bell ringing and a traditional bread-and-salt ceremony. Archbishop Theodore then concelebrated with Fr. Nikolai Khirniy, the director of the house-church of the Holy Archangel Michael in Volgograd, Archpriest Victor Ulyanov, Priest Vadim Bukatin, Priest Alexei Gorin- the rector of the Church in Belorechensk (Krasnodar region), and the dean of the North Caucasian Deanery, Archpriest George Novakovsky with Deacon Sergius Hubay of Zheleznovodsk.

In the morning on November 4, a moleben with the blessing of the water and the Holy Liturgy were performed. After the Gospel Vladika preached a sermon to the people. At the end of the liturgy was a procession around the block in which the Temple is located. There were about 120 people present at the service. After the chanting of the "many years" all present were invited to the meal. In the evening, Vespers was read with the Akathist to the Kazan icon of the Most Holy Mother of God.

On November 5, Archbishop Theodore completed a requiem Divine Service, and on the following day, November 6, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the house-Church of the Beheading of St John the Forerunner in Armavir in the Krasnodar region. Concelebrating with Archbishop Theodore were Hieromonk Jonah (Rossokha), rector of the Church, and Protopriest George Novakovsky. After the Divine Liturgies a panakhyda was served. At the end of the Divine services Vladika Theodore said a pastoral word to those present.

In the second half of the day on November 6 the Archpastor departed into Zheleznovodsk in the Stavropol region, where Archpriest Roman Novakovsky, the rector of the Church of St. Olga and the parishioners met Vladika with bell ringing and flowers. At St. Olga Church, Archbishop Theodore presided over Sunday All-Night vigil, and in the morning on November 7 peformed the Divine liturgy. Right Reverend Theodore concelebrated with Archpriest George Novakovsky, Archpriest Roman Novakovsky, Priest Anastasie, Hieromonk Dimitri, Deacon Sergius Hubay. In the evening at the same Church, Archbishop Theodore served Vespers with the Akathist to the "Joy of All Who Sorrow" Icon of the Mother of God.

On Monday, November 8, Archbishop Theodore visited Belorechensk (Krasnodar region), where in the house-Church in honor of the "Sovereign" Icon of the Mother of God, concelebrated with of the rector, Priest Aleksy Gorin. A molieben was served to the Most Holy Mother of God and St. Demetrios of Thessalonica. The rector acquainted Vladika with the life of community.

On November 10, Archbishop Theodore and those accompanying him returned to Suzdal.