Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Metropolitan Valentine Accomplished his Cure in Swiss Hospital and Returned to Suzdal

The First Hierarch of the ROAC Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir has accomplished his cure in Swiss Hospital that lasted for a month and a half. He returned to Moscow on December 15, and next day he arrived to Suzdal.

Metropolitan Valentine has not participated the administrating of the ROAC for more than 3 months because of the serious exacerbation of the symptoms of diabetes, that affected him shortly after the Congress of ROAC and Synodal meeting at the beginning of September. Most of the time afterwards Metropolitan Valentine spent in the diabetic clinics in Moscow and Geneva. The treatment caused some positive effect, but his foot is still not cured and his sight is severely failing.

On December 10, Saturday, Metropolitan Valentine presented at the All-Night Vigil at the house chapel of St. George in the suburbs of Geneva. The service was performed by the rector of Moscow parish of ROAC Protopriest Michael Ardov. Next day, December 11, Metropolitan Valentine served the Divine Liturgy together with Father Michael Ardov. Reader George Malko was ordained to deaconate at the service. Deacon George lives in France, but he will serve in the parish of St. George in the suburbs of Geneva.

After his return to Suzdal Metropolitan Valentine is planning to complete the sale of the Diocesan House, that is registered as his private property. According to Larisa Mayorova, the Director of the Bureau of Inventory of Suzdal, the house is offered for sale for $1.000.000. Though the Bureau of Inventory expects that the house will be sold for the lower price. ROAC Convent, Suzdal Diocesan College, the Museum of White Army and the rooms for pilgrims are presently located in the house.