Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The convent in Suzdal celebrated its patronal feast

(Vertograd: Suzdal)

The Convent of the Deposition of the Robe of the Mother of God celebrated its patronal feast in Suzdal on July 15. The Divine Liturgy in the monastery was done by Archbishop Theodore of Borisovo and Otradnoe with Hegumen Symeon and Hieromonk Seraphim.

After Liturgy and a procession Vladyka Theodore congratulated the superior of the convent Schema–Abbess Evfimia and the sisters. He added that this feast always reminded about the ancient monastery of that feast that had been lost for True Orthodoxy. In 1994 the city administration was ready to give the monastery buildings to the community of nuns of the ROAC, and the documents were being prepared, when Patriarch Alexey called the President Boris Eltsin and the buildings were transferred to the MP.

So the convent of the ROAC is located in a regular house that was restored by the Synod. The convent was many times attacked and once put on fire and almost destroyed, but later restored again. Ten nuns live in the convent, most of them are catacombnics, who came to Suzdal in the beginning in 1990th, as well as in the second ROAC convent of Suzdal that is dedicated to St. John of Shanghai.

The nuns work in the trapeznaya, in the garden and in church. They also restore icons. The convent has the venerable icon "Joy of all who sorrow" and the relics of Holy princes Andrew of Bogolubovo, Gleb and George of Vladimir.