Monday, March 13, 2006

Four New Nuns of ROAC Tonsured in St.Petersburg

(Vertograd, St.-Petersburg)

Four nuns were tonsured on March 10 by Hegumen Gregory in the church of St.Elizabeth in St.-Petersburg.

Alevtina Nikinina was tonsured with the name Elizabeth after the Patron of the church. She was born in 1970; she graduated the Library Department of St-Petersburg University of Culture.

Maria Ustrizhitsrakya was tonsured with the name Joanna after St.John Kassian. She was born in 1971; she is a restore by education.

Rassopher Nun Martha (Senina) was tonsured after St.Kassia of Constantinople. She was born in 1972; she graduated the Department of Philology of the University of St.-Petersburg. Nun Kassia is the author of more then 10 church services, including the ones to St.Philaret of New York and Holy Nuns of Diveevo that were glorified in the ROAC. She researches the history of Byzantine and writes a book about St.Kassia of Constantinople.

Olga Mitrenina was tonsured after St.Xenia of St.-Petersburg. She was born in 1968. She has PhD degree in linguistics and teaches at the department of Mathematical Linguistics in the University of St.-Petersburg.

All of the new-tonsured nuns know church ustav and can read and sing at the service.

Nun Kassia and nun Xenia are the members of editorial board of Vertograd