Monday, March 05, 2007

Crisis Develops in GOC Headed by Archbishop Makarios

("Omologits"– Vertograd, Athens /Greece/)

Three bishops have left “Kallinikates” GOC Synod in the last half-year and a number of priests and deacons have been punished.

On September 15, 2006 Metropolitan Niphon of Piraeus sent a document to the Holy Synod stating he had seceded and intended to remain autonomous. In a special meeting the Holy Synod decided to remove Metropolitan Niphon from his diocese as well as from all administrative services. As was expected, Metropolitan Arethas of Crete, a member of Metropolitan Niphon's brotherhood, followed him in seceding. In December 2006 the Synod of the “Kallinikites” forbid them from serving.

In January 2007 Metropolitan Angelos of Avlona left this Synod too. He proclaimed the Metropolia of Avlona and established communion with several ecumenical churches: Italian, Montenegrin, Bulgarian and Patriarchate of Kiev.

In December 2006 two priest of this church in the Ukraine were defrocked: priest Seraphim Medvedev and priest Ioann.

In January 2007 the following clergy of this church was committed for trial: priest Joseph Sunderland, priest Steven Allen, priest George Poullas, deacon Paul Brown, deacon Sergei Boulter, deacon John Somers.