Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ROCOR(A) is formed in Mansonville

(Portal-Credo.Ru – Official web-site of ROCOR(A) – Vertograd, Mansonville)

June 23, Archbishop Anthony (Orloff) issued an Ukaz where he says that “he counts this his duty to take the temporary ruling of the ROCOR” because of the poor condition of Met Vitaly “who is not able sometimes even to recognize his Deputy and bishops”, because of the “inconsistent and false Ukazes canceling the previous Ukazes signed by the First Hierarch” and because of the “malicious isolation of First-Hierarch”.

This Ukaz marks the beginning of new church ROCOR(A). Archbishop Anthony and bishop Victor (Pivovarov) of Kuban will probably ordain two more bishops soon: Archimandrite Damascene (Balabanov) and Archimandrite Stefan (Babaev).

The ordination of these two candidates was supposed to be discussed on the Sobor of ROCOR(V) organized by Archbishop Anthony and Bishop Victor, but blocked by their opponents.

The day before, on June 22, Metropolitan Vitaly and Archbishop Antony were invited to the local police station so that Metropolitan, officially, without any outside influence, could express his will regarding the presence in the residence of the First Hierarch in Mansonville of Archbishop Antony and his supporters. To the question of the police officer, "does Metr. Vitaly wish that Orloff, Pivovarov, Balabanov, Babaev, and Mitze leave the territory of the Transfiguration Skete?" Metropolitan Vitaly firmly replied, "Yes, I wish it." Having heard the answer of Metropolitan Vitaly, Archb. Antony (Orloff) made an attempt to persuade the Metropolitan to change his decision, but was stopped by the police officer with the words: "Enough. The answer has been received." After the filling out of the necessary forms, Metropolitan Vitaly returned to his residence.

The Russian group (Bishop Victor of Kuban and Archimandrites Damascene and Stephan) were asked by the police to leave Mansonville before July 25.