Monday, April 30, 2007

A representative of Synod of ROCOR(L) Bishop Michael (Donskoff) brought two Ukases to Bishop Agafangel of Odessa

(Vertograd, Odessa)

A representative of Synod of ROCOR(L) Bishop Michael (Donskoff) of Geneva and Western Europe visited Odessa Diocese of ROCOR(L) on April 25-28. This Diocese is known for its struggle against the union with Moscow Partiarchate, so that the leadership of MP raised the question of liquidation of this Diocese.

The official reason of the visit of Bishop Michael was the "regulation of the situation with the parishes and clergy at the Ukraine before signing the Act of canonical communion between ROCOR and MP on May 17". However, in fact Bishop Michael presented an ultimatum to Bishop Agafangel by showing him two opposite Ukases of the Synod of Bishops of ROCOR(L). One of them was the unknown before decision to move Bishop Agafangel to Brazil, to the Diocese of South America. Another Ukase was about his suspension in case of his disagreement to be moved to Brazil.

In reply to this Ultimatum the clergy present at the meeting with Bishop Michael applied to be retired.

According to some sourced Bishop Agafangel received the Ukase to be removed to Brasil, where many people of the Diocese of South America do not support the coming unity with MP. In any case because of visa and documentation difficulties Bishop Agafangel will not be able to go to Brazil before May 17. His decision is understood my many as a "time out" before the coming union that will change very much the current situation in ROCOR(L).