Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jordanville Started to Commemorate the Head of Moscow Patrarchate

(Portal-Credo.Ru – Vertograd, Jordanville)

The head of Moscow Patriarchate Patriarch Alexey II was commemorated at Liturgy in Jordanville for the first time of September 2. From now on Partiarch will be commemorated in the services at this main monastery of ROCOR(L).

The reason for the first commemoration was bishops of MP present at the service in Jordanville for the first time. It made many people unhappy, because they believed that such commemoration is possible only after MP condemns ecumenism and sergianism, forbidding those bishops who were known for cooperation with KGB.

A few weeks before September 2 Metropolitan Lauris personally assured a number of people that the Patriarch would never be commemorated in Jordanville.

Jordanville was the main spiritual center of ROCOR. Most of ROCOR clergy studied there and most of ROCOR laity has visited the monastery at least once in their lives. The commemoration of Partiarch Alexey was taken by many as the fall of the biggest citadel of ROCOR.