Thursday, June 14, 2007

Possible schism in ROCOR(V)

(Vertograd, Vladivostok)

Bishop Anastasy of Vladivostok and Far East issued a letter on June 10. Bishop Anastasy reminds that the opening of the Sobor of ROCOR(V) was planned shortly after the Nativity. But now almost the year has passed after the repose of Met Vitaly, but there was no Sobor and the new First-Hierarch has not been elected yet. Bishop Anastasy explains that the possibility of Sobor was blocked by Father Benjamin Joukoff. He also explains the anti-canonical behavior of Bishop Anthony of Moldova of the same church, who was actually trying to seize the power.

Bishop Anastasy urged the faithful of ROCOR(V) to gather the Sobor and to establish the authorities of the church.