Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prohibition of Prayers "With So-Called Heretics" Does Not Work in "Modern Inter-Christian Situation", Metropolitan Kirill (Gundiaev) Believes

(Blagovest-Info – Vertograd, Moscow)

Metropolitan Kirill (Gundiaev) of Smolensk (Moscow Partiarchate) gave his interpretation of the canon that prohibits any joint prayers with the non-Orthodox, speaking at the round-table discussion "Practical aspects of Orthodox Sacramentology" within the 5 th International Theological Conference of Moscow Patriarchate on November 16.

Metropolitan Kirill believes that the canon that prohibits any prayers "with so-called heretics" is a "very important canon that on no account can be reduced or removed from the agenda". Metropolitan explained that the main aim of this canon is "to prevent the destruction of Church". "The aim of that canon is to avoid the mimicry. The schism always tries to present itself as a Church, and when people pray together, it gives the illusion of unity". This canon have not lost its importance up till our days, for example, it "completely works toward the schismatics at the Ukraine"

But according to Metropolitan Kirill, this canon "does not work" in "modern inter-Christian situation", because this situation is not dangerous for the unity of Church. "For example the relations between Orthodox and Catholic Churches, or between Orthodox and Protestant Churches at the level of international organizations are not dangerous in this sense, because no mimicry is possible here. In our days there is no danger that common prayer, for example common prayer 'Our Father' (I am not speaking about common service) will undermine the union of church. That is why people come together and say: 'Let us pray together', not in order to mislead anybody and tear away parishioners, but in order to pray together for our sins, for the fact that we are still divided", -- Metropolitan Kirill explained.

Metropolitan Kirill emphasized that he supports "a very strict fulfillment" of this canon "in those situations that caused the formulation of that canon, namely when it is important to protect the unity of the local Christian communion". For that reason Metropolitan Kirill "strongly objects the prayers with the current schismatics at the Ukraine, because this is really a mimicry that will destroy the unity of Church". However he finds "acceptable" joint prayers with non-Orthodox when the situation is not dangerous for the unity of Church.

Metropolitan Kirill added that common prayers with the non-Orthodox are possible for Orthodox people "only with the blessing of the Hierarchy". In this statement Metropolitan Kirill follows the heretical decision of the Sobor of Moscow Patriarchate that stated in 1994 the possibility of joint prayers with the non-Orthodox if the ruling bishop blesses it.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lamians Ordained a Bishop for Russia

(Vertograd, St-Petersburg)

Archimandret Nectarius (Yashunsky) from St-Petersburg was ordained as Bishop of Olympus on October 12/25 in Athens. The ordination was performed by the head of the Lamians Archbishop Makarios of Athens and all Greece, with Metropolitan Kallinikos of Fthiotidos and Thavmakou, Metropolitan Euthyimios of Salonica, Metropolitan Christophoros of Mesogeas and Islands and Metropolitan Athanasios of Acharnon and N.Ionias.

Bishop Nectarius (Roman Yashunsly in the world) was born in 1966. He graduated from the college of waiters and worked as a waiter in the restaurants of Leningrad (St.-Petersburg). Then he taught himself theology, he is known as an author of a number of theological articles and translations from Greek and English.

He was ordained to priesthood in the Synod of Abp Chrysostomos, hater he condemned that church in heresy and left to Lamians in 1999. In the same year he was deposed by Abp Chrysostomos of Athens.

A newly-ordained bishop Nectarius of Olympus was appointed as a Chancellor of the parishes of this church in Russia and Eastern Europe. In fact the Lamians have only two big parishes in Russia: a parish of Bishop Nectarius in St.Petersburg and a parish in the city of Voronezh where priest Oleg Mironov serves. Besides the Lamians have about three small parishes in Russia.

Most probably Bishop Nectarius together with Metropolitan Philaret of France will break from this Synod within next year or two to form the church of their own.

Letter from the Cyprianites to Bishop Agafangel of Odessa

No. 452
To: His Eminence
Most Reverend Agafangel
Bishop of Odessa and Taurida
Odessa , Ukraine

From: Fili, Attica, Greece
October 12, 2007 (Church Calendar)
+Sts.Philip the Apostle or Deacon
and St. Theophanes the Confessor

Your Eminence,
dear brother in Christ,
Bishop of Odessa and Taurida, Agafangel!

I greet you with a sacred kiss, love, peace and oneness in the Holy Spirit, while offering your Eminence the sincere feelings of deep respect of our honorable Hierarch and Metropolitan Cyprian and the Most Reverend Bishops of the Holy Synod of Resistance.

I hasten as the Deputy Chairman – an appointment given to me with the love and trust of our Hierarchy through a resolution made at its recent regular Session (34/4.10.2007) – to inform your Eminence of synodal resolutions accepted at this Session (accepted, by the way, unanimously) regarding our ecclesiastical relationship with you ( Resolution 7).

"It was unanimously decreed, that after the union of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad under Metropolitan Lavr with the Moscow Patriarchate, to continue the association of our Holy Synod with the Most Reverend Agafangel, Bishop of Odessa and Taurida, who did not give his consent to this union and broke off his relationship with the Synod of Bishops of Met. Lavr.

Our association with the Most Reverend Agafangel is ongoing and was never interrupted; it will continue and be active in the future as well; we will participate in ordinations of bishops, if we are asked, to strengthen his jurisdiction; we will invite Most Reverend Agafangel to Greece at the first possible opportunity to declare our association with him through an official synodal meeting and to sign the "Act of fundamental principles of our joint activities"; our simultaneous relationship with the Synod of Archbishop of Omsk and Siberia, Tikhon, (in Russia) is not possible, as he is not in communion with the Most Reverend Agafangel."

In accordance with this Resolution and with great gladness, we invite your Eminence to come to Greece for the approval and establishment of our unity in Christ and our joint efforts towards the ensuing challenges.

We earnestly ask that you schedule your visit after November 9/19, because after that date, the Most Reverend Bishop Ambrose of Methone will be with us after two trips abroad.

We ask you, holy Bishop, to accept our assurance of the deep respect and love in Christ we have for you personally and our brotherly greetings.

Least among us in Christ
Deputy Chairman
+Bishop Cyprian of Oreon
+Bishop Clement of Gardiki