Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lamians Ordained a Bishop for Russia

(Vertograd, St-Petersburg)

Archimandret Nectarius (Yashunsky) from St-Petersburg was ordained as Bishop of Olympus on October 12/25 in Athens. The ordination was performed by the head of the Lamians Archbishop Makarios of Athens and all Greece, with Metropolitan Kallinikos of Fthiotidos and Thavmakou, Metropolitan Euthyimios of Salonica, Metropolitan Christophoros of Mesogeas and Islands and Metropolitan Athanasios of Acharnon and N.Ionias.

Bishop Nectarius (Roman Yashunsly in the world) was born in 1966. He graduated from the college of waiters and worked as a waiter in the restaurants of Leningrad (St.-Petersburg). Then he taught himself theology, he is known as an author of a number of theological articles and translations from Greek and English.

He was ordained to priesthood in the Synod of Abp Chrysostomos, hater he condemned that church in heresy and left to Lamians in 1999. In the same year he was deposed by Abp Chrysostomos of Athens.

A newly-ordained bishop Nectarius of Olympus was appointed as a Chancellor of the parishes of this church in Russia and Eastern Europe. In fact the Lamians have only two big parishes in Russia: a parish of Bishop Nectarius in St.Petersburg and a parish in the city of Voronezh where priest Oleg Mironov serves. Besides the Lamians have about three small parishes in Russia.

Most probably Bishop Nectarius together with Metropolitan Philaret of France will break from this Synod within next year or two to form the church of their own.