Monday, March 27, 2006

Monastic Vows Taken in Suzdal

(Suzdal Diocesian Bulletin – NFTU – Vertgograd, Suzdal)

On March 16 in the Tsar-Constantine Cathedral, ryasophor priestmonk Fr Jonas Rosokha was brought into the monasticism with the blessing of Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir. The priestmonk was tonsured by Archbishop Theodore of Borisovosk and Otradnoe, secretary of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, after Vespers. The new hieromonk was named Mark after St.Mark of Thrace and was registed to the brotherhood of the monastery of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia in Suzdal.

Hieromonk Mark was born in 1957 in Tomsk. In 1997 he became a parishioner of the ROCOR's Siberian diocese. In the same year he was tonsured and ordained a priest by Bishop Evtikhy. In 1999, Father Jonas was accepted in The Suzdal Diocese of tbe Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church and served in the city of Armavir in the South of Russia. He will continue to serve in Armavir.